GoGo Weekly: TANGLES

This week, we’re tackling TANGLES! Drawing a tangled cord is one thing I remember learning how to do in elementary school that has stuck with me for the rest of my life. In context, I think we learned how to draw celtic knots? But the same principle basically applies: you have to draw one thing overlapping the other, and you have to alternate it in an interesting way, and shading helps with the illusion. For hard mode this week, I tried to use pastels again. I hate them- it just looks like crayon. -sigh- I’m sure I’ll figure out the appeal eventually.

I made some comics this week, but a few of them are hidden in this video (I think there are four different comics throughout the course of this video!)

As an art instructor and an aspiring public school art teacher, I figure it’s handy to have art games ready to go. Back when I was a youth pastor I was CONSTANTLY looking for games to play, so I figured I’d make the video now that I used to search for back then and help past-Rob out. I’ve actually used these games a ton in both the comics classes I teach as a way to start instruction, as as well as low-key ice breakers in multiple youth and young adult groups. I’ve picked them up from multiple places, from instagram trends to psychology text books- they’re all a lot of fun and work great. Even if you don’t like art, these games can help foster an enjoyment of drawing and creative self expression!

I DID manage to make one comic this week as well:

This next week is the home stretch for my university busyness! Or at least, the first year of my university busyness. Still a few more years to go. So I might get to make some comics again? Probably by the end of the week! How exciting. What I REALLY want to make is more youtube videos- making them combines basically every one of my interests, from writing to illustration to video and audio production! Also, I want to be in a band again, and, and, and…

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