Yes, kid. Whatever you want, just don’t wake me up until 7am.

Both my daughters are at the age where they’re generally pretty good at sleeping until their clocks tell them it’s okay to wake up. That being said, the second the ‘sun wakes up’ on their clock, you better believe they’re expecting everyone else to be awake and ready to go. On more than one occasion, Diana and I were sleeping pleasantly and were jarred awake by the door flinging open and a preschooler yelling “sun’s awake!” And slamming the door. She’s not even a morning person.

post-baby haze


20160713_080658I actually MADE a CHX-139b tshirt! I love it. 😀  Just a killer picture.  I forgot how exhausting it is to have a new-born.  I mean, i remember anecdotally how tired i was, but i think the actual memories were repressed in order to maintain my facade of sanity.  IT ALL COMES SCREAMING BACK!

Why cant babies just sleep during the night?  Our new baby is nocturnal, i’m sure of it.


accomplishment is all relative

2014-9-23Here are TEN things i’ve found incredibly easy to accomplish:

1)  Apathy
2)  Failing academically
3)  The McDonald’s Diet
4)  Being out of shape
5)  Giving up on anything
6)  Mediocrity in general
7)  Narcissism
8)  Being a poor sport
9)  Being grumpy
10)  Making this list.

If you set the bar low enough, every day is a success.


Is there a word for awareness of limitations?

2014-9-15Happy monday everyone!  This week, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Your jaws will thank you for it.


Sleep: nature’s caffeine



although… i suppose caffeine is nature’s caffeine.


have a good wednesday everyone! 😀

Teething can be dangerous

2014-6-2Josie is teething!  she’s got one lil’ chomper tooth sticken’ out, which causes Josie all sorts of grief.  I’m not gonna say it’s “first two months of Josie’s life” tiring, but there has been a definite breaking of the established routine, which affects Diana much more than it affects me, but that is making the both of us a little more lethargic than we have been.  I suppose that broken routine is just the new routine for parents.

Anyway, i guess what this comic is saying is this:  not even caffeine can help me any more!  Caffeine keeps away the headaches, but does nothing to give me energy.  -sigh- I guess i’ll have to find some super-caffeine!  or, maybe just be more disciplined to go to sleep on time.