it’s so soft!

2013-9-6The quote comes from Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist” which I haven’t read, but fully intend to.  My reading list is way too long right now… I was hoping to hack it down during the summer, but it was not meant to be!  This summer was for video games and movies.

So!  I hope ol’ Paulo never sees this comic, i’m sure it’s the furthest from his intention, but this has happened to me a couple days in a row now (you’d think that i’d just change the roll) and each time this quote popped into my mind, so i figured, maybe it’s share-worthy.

Have a great friday ‘yall!


Cha cha cha! Charmin!

2013-6-5I’m a sucker for a commercial with bogus claims JUST BEGGING you to put stuff to the test.  I WANT to be able to wash my dishes with paper towel!  But would I ever actually DO it?  hmm.  Anyways.


class act all the way

2013-4-5Ever since i’ve made the switch from the old art style to the new one, for some reason, many of these comics are a lot more…  journal-style then they were before.  And by journal-style, i mean, happened to me at some point in the last week or so, and i thought it might make a good comic.  Why, this one happened just yesterday!  It’s SO embarrassing.
Anyways, here at, we’re always pushing the boundaries of classiness.  When we make a poop joke, we make sure to make it relatable… right?  At least, I hope other people can relate to how awful this is.  Maybe i just have some weird neurosis.