Going on four months

The scenario presented in today’s comic strip is ripped from the headlines of my life. I use my travel mug at the office, and I haven’t washed it since I got back to work in September. My theory is this: I only drink black coffee, I finish my one cup of black coffee every day (so it sits empty) and there’s no cream or liquid left to sit and fester in there. Also, I rinse it with boiling water before I put more coffee in it, so it’s not as bad as it sounds in the comic, right?

using a travel mug at the office has been a game changer for me. I am infamous for spilling anything on myself for no reason at all and it really cuts down on that. Also, I used to be horrible at leaving dirty mugs around my desk and now I only have one travel mug!

life hacks!

A hatred that runs deep.

2014-8-4this comic is 100% based on the real-life conversation I had with my wife.  Well, the conversation anyway, not the situation.

For real though… hotels.com, travelocity, trivago, hotwire, expedia, red-tag…  All these consolidation websites need a website to consolidate THEM.  That is Diana’s theory anyway.

In any case, make sure you don’t confuse a meeting of your local girl scouts troop as an anger management class… that’s just down-right embarrassing.

Happy monday!  (it’s a stat holiday here in BC!)  have a great week everyone!


It’s all very environmentally friendly.

I do stupid stuff like that when i’m tired.
About a week ago, I made a comic about how my new pillow was a terrible life decision.  Now, it is still a terrible life decision.  My neck is so stiff!  I can’t even look over my shoulder.  The worst!  I am perpetually exhausted cause I can’t get a good night’s sleep.  Solution?  I dunno, maybe BUY A NEW PILLOW!  But no.  I am too cheap… and I suppose I should stop complaining about it.

Anyways, hope this finds you well, on this tuesday morning!  I have a day-long meeting.  Fun!

The Joys/Dangers of Scooter Ownership: Part Three

This one happened yesterday.  The worst part about dragonflies is that they are really big and you can see them coming from a mile away…. and yet, there is no way to avoid these bugs.  Mine hit the visor of my helmet, and I had a huge bug-splat blocking my vision for the rest of the ride.  Flies hurt.  I suppose this is really a danger for anyone that owns a convertable/bike/motor bike, but I just got kinda sick of making scooter comics that end in the world thinking it’s hilarious that you have a scooter.  Though i suppose that is the largest danger!  And if you don’t care what people think about you, then it doesn’t matter.