For this week’s LET’S DRAW, we’re tackling AIRSHIPS! Blimps, Dirigibles, Zeppelins, Rad Fantasy Sailing Airships, ETC! I always think the airship designs are the coolest part of the various fantasy universes I’ve played games in. It’s a lot of fun, so if you’d like you should grab some paper and a pencil, hit play, and draw along! THEN, send me your art: and I’ll put your art at the end of next week’s video.

Over the last few years I’ve thought up some ideas for videos I’d like to make, and I’m slowly starting to pick away at making them! Here’s a video on the Elgato Stream Deck which is my most useful productivity tool when it comes to making digital art! No sponsorship or anything- I genuinely love it. Check it out:

Other videos I plan on making are a follow up to my original “making art on the reMarkable2 tablet” video, a video about my Huion drawing tablet, a few more dumb recipe videos, and that’s about it. If you have a video you think I should make, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

And now, for the comics I made this week:

I’ve been watching through the original Sailor Moon with my kid. I love how campy it is- every episode the same five things happen: Usagi whines, bad guys trap them, they transform, Tuxedo mask shows up, and everybody learns about friendship. What’s not to like!? Also, I have it on good authority that eventually the story gets a bit intense. AWESOME
Look. I’m all for connecting with people, but social media hasn’t been about connecting with people for a LONG TIME. The platforms don’t care about people. In an ideal world we’d all grab RSS readers, post on blogs and websites, and keep in touch that way.
Friggin greybeards. Those who know, know.
More like how NOT to understand poetry, AMIRITE?!
This was drawn for the prompt “Mystery Barista” for a cloudscape discord drawing prompt. Ahh I loves me a good drawing challenge!

This next week is my last week of classes, which means exams and final papers are right around the corner. I’ll probably go a bit quiet on the comic creation front for the next little bit.

Thanks so much for reading my updates! I’m super excited that in the next little while I’ll be able to share some of the stories I’ve written for my creative writing class. December: what a great month, and it’s ALMOST HERE!!!