GoGo Weekly May 23rd 2021

Oops, it turns out that I forgot to upload a weekly update last week! Last week was pretty crazy-busy, so I’m not surprised.

Today’s video for drawing along is about BIRDS! Follow along and draw all of the birds you see in the image above! or draw your own birds- birds are great. For Hard Mode I tried something a bit different, I turned it into a colouring sheet. You can download a white-background version to print off, or a transparent .png version to drop into your favourite drawing software!

This is the White background .JPG
This is the transparent Background .png!

Other then that, a couple projects I have on the go at varying stages of completion are (1) the GoGoMachRocketSheep comic strip PRINT collection and (2) the Space Chuck choose-your-own-adventure book!

On (1) I’m just waiting for a couple printing companies to get me proofs- Lulu (who I used to get everything printed through) has gotten VERY expensive. IngramSpark (who I had recommended to me) is cheaper to get printed after an initial set up fee. We’ll see which has the better quality.

On (2) I’ve just started, and that won’t be done for a long time. I’m having an ABSOLUTE BLAST writing it though! I used to DM tabletop roleplaying games, and best I can describe it, writing a choose-your-own-adventure feels very similar to DMing a game, except I can actually make the plot happen without people intentionally sabotaging it. ha!

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Go Go Weekly: May 2nd, 2021

Here we are, another week of updates! As life gets busier, I anticipate I won’t be able to make as many comic strips in a week, but so far the opposite has proved true: the busier I am, the more ideas I have to make into comic strips. My class officially starts back up this week so it may be optimistic to think I can keep up 5-7 strips a week. PLUS! Oh man, I want to make a choose your own adventure book! So bad. So if I start that, you can expect to see some progress shots here!

Seriously, what a stupid program! “We’re gonna NOT do this really good thing for the environment unless you use our loyalty card.” It’s like… You’re still getting money, so maybe you should just do it anyways? People who are loyal to gas stations?? that’s a strange idea to me.

On real Kraft boxes, the serration doesn’t even go through the second layer of cardboard, it’s just superficially scored on the first layer. What’s the point?!

Other than making all those comics, this week I spent a little time making a new “vine brush”. There are some things that I enjoy drawing, and there are some things that are tedious. I’m not big on drawing backgrounds for example- some of my friends LIVE for backgrounds but that is not me. Anyways, when that is the case, I like to make brushes like this vine brush to help lighten the load of how long it takes to draw backgrounds. In the “Royalbot” comic, the background crowd in panel three is a “crowd brush” I made. Instead of drawing and having a line come out of the stylus, you pull the pen across the screen and voila! A crowd (or vines, or cityscape, or or or) appears. I’ve made quite a few of these in Clip Studio. They can be a time saver, but they aren’t for any and every situation.



Alrighty, GoGoMachRocketeers! Here it is- a little something I’ve been working on for the last week or so. I made it as a proof of concept for a way of combining my two hobbies: making music, and making comics!

These days, I haven’t been feeling much like making daily comic strips. Making comic strips is a source of joy to me when I’m in the right headspace. Usually my “writing workflow” goes something like this: I’m going about my day, something really bizarre or funny (or even completely normal but I think of it in a bizarre or funny way) happens, and I think “this would be a funny comic” and that evening, I draw it and post it. That’s fun! Because I love drawing and it’s nice to have something to draw. But Covid doesn’t have me in a “daily comic strip” headspace, and sitting around trying to think up something funny to draw doesn’t really help. I’d rather sit around and dream up other things, and so…

Covid DOES have me in a “making music” and “dreaming up stories” sort of a mood. way way WAY before I made charlie and the ghost and spacechuck and gogomachrocketsheep comic strips, I made youtube videos (which are lost to youtube time, I can’t find them) which were essentially slide shows set to music telling a story. I wish i could find them, just to see if I’ve gotten any better. But anyways, this video is a proof of concept for one iteration further than a music slideshow- a little animation, some still images, set to music, that tell a story that I have fun making. AND, I think more people are willing to watch a 3 minute video than are willing to sit down and read 3 minutes of comics.

Anyways, I hope you liked this video! Thanks for watching. has short comic stories featuring the characters in this short movie! And if you like the song, I might put out a gogomachrocketsheep EP once I’ve got a few of these under my belts.