the video game FTL

cg73 100FTL is one of the greatest games ever created, hands down, and I have many reasons for believing this, of which I will systematically educate you on!  or at the very least, drone on about for a few paragraphs.
First paragraph:  My childhood dreams all realized.  I grew up watching startrek, wishing for a game that would give me control over a spaceship.  I also grew up drawing my own ship blueprints on graph paper, assigning each room it’s purpose, connecting them, and then sitting down with some dice and rolling them to simulate battles.  Nerdy?  ABSOLUTELY.  Awesome?  …it really depends on your definition, BUT it’s almost like the people who made FTL looked deep into my childhood and decided to make an awesome game out of it.
Second paragraph:  A very balanced game.  And by balanced, i mean, equal parts sheer luck and strategy.  Because the game is somewhat randomly generated, you can be an incredibly well-equipped battleship ten minutes in.  OR, you can go for an hour and have a ship with the same weapons you started with, as you limp across the galaxy with your one remaining Engi crew-member.  That being said, there is room for definite strategies that will work half of the time.  It’s that uncertainty that makes it so much fun.
Third paragraph:  The first day I got the game, it was a saturday night before I had to go to work early for sunday morning.  I headed for bed around nine thirty.  I grabbed my laptop, went up to bed, and started playing it.  The next thing I know, my laptop is saying “5% battery left” and i’m like “oh man!  My battery has gone straight to crap… and this laptop is only a year old.  This sucks!” until I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:00ish in the morning!  Oh man!  The last game that I was that deeply immersed in would have been final fantasy seven back when I was like 14.  The game is incredibly good at dangling a carrot about an inch away from your mouth, so that even when you die in a miserable “I forgot to re-power the o2 and all my guys suffocated as I watch helplessly for 3 minutes”  event, i wait about five seconds before I start a new game.  I know this isn’t the case for everyone who plays it, but I can honestly say that I haven’t opened the game in a week out of fear that I won’t get anything done.
Anyways, I love FTL.  Buy it on steam, it’s so cheap right now.
Have a good week everyone!



Pow! Thwump! Shuh-fwang!

cg44 100After school TV line-up growing up-

1)  Power Rangers
2)  Samurai Pizza cats
3)  The original batman show with adam west

The one thing I loved about the batman show is all the word sound effect things they’d have instead of showing actual violence.  I wonder if that was to sidestep some weird regulation revolving around violence on TV, or if it was to make it more comic book style, but it was pretty awesome.  I wish I had a book on lettering, I would love to learn how to get better at it.

OK!  So!  If you want to read the ENTIRE story line from the beginning, click the “Slow Day” link at the top of the page.  If you want to buy a book of the first 400 strips, click the “store” link or email me at and request one, and we’ll figure out how to get it to yah.  Have a good day!



where’s the justice?

cg39 100justice.
This world is pretty messed up.  There is so much wrong with the world, so many awful things that are self perpetuating that it’s hard not to be exasperated by it all.
To quote the movie “wargames”, “the only winning move is not to play.”