Lower mainland weather

One thing I love living in the Fraser valley of bc is the weather is relatively mild. Summers are hot but rarely over 35 Celsius, winters are chilly but not really under -5. It snows, but only enough for it to be a minor inconvenience. Rarely is ice a concern. It’s the best!

That being said, if any sort of weather event DOES happen, we are woefully unequipped to deal with it. If the winds pick up, BAM, 500K people in the lower mainland without electricity. Trees squishing people. If it does snow, well, cancel everything because we don’t have even close to enough plows to get people where they need to go… not to mention the big earthquake that’s expected to happen.

anyways, yesterday I chased my hat across a parking lot like a real life cartoon. Felt great. My pants fell down too.

…that moment when you realize you are odd.

2014-2-19So, Diana drives the van and I drive the scooter.  On days when it is really rainy, and I am still driving the scooter, I need to put more and more layers on to stay warm!  With rain comes wind, and with wind comes cold, and a longer journey (as my scooter can’t reach top speed in windy weather).  I think if i had a heavy jacket like most people in the world, it wouldn’t be that bad.  Like, a winter jacket, or a parka.  BUT!  What’s the point?  I’d wear it for like, two weeks of the year.  SO!  what I do instead is wear every zip-up that I have.  Normal?  No.  But it does the job.

Yesterday I scooted over to a student’s house for a meeting, and I stepped into their porch soaking wet.  I took off my leather jacket, then a hoodie, then another hoodie, and then another hoodie.  I left my last hoodie on, cause it was a little chilly.  It was at the third hoodie that I realized it was probably kind of an odd thing to observe…  the clown-car of fashion decisions.

I tend to keep our house kinda chilly too…  Like, at night time, when we are watching TV, i need a blanket to wrap around my legs, or i get cold!  and, thinking about this scooter-hoodie situation, it got me thinking… do normal people just keep their house a little warmer, so they can sit at a comfortable temperature?  MAYBE.  that would be weird though… and a difficult temperature to achieve!  watching TV, i’d rather shiver than sweat.  Is that odd?  probably.

Meh, what do i care?  I’m warm!  so it takes me five minutes to get all my jackets on.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!