VANCAF debrief!






Here are last week’s comics debriefing VanCAF!  …put in a slightly different order, for ease of readability.  It was a great time!  If you are a cartoonist and you haven’t exhibited or had a table at a convention, i really recommend it!  not for financial gains, but for perspective and inspiration!

A short run on the pro circuit






It would be very strange to be on the inspirational speaker’s circuit… If there is such a thing.  I remember when I was in public school, we would have these groups come through, like people that would skip rope to techno music and people that would juggle and give little inspirational things…  Or we’d have soldiers come in and talk about whatever.  When I got older, I went to a private christian school, so the only inspirational speakers we got were people talking about christian stuff.  …actually, come to think of it, i think the techno skip-rope came to that school too.  How does a person start a techno skip group?  OR like, i remember there was this touring vocal quartet? called saskatchewan express?  and they’d like sing songs from the lion king? and they had lighting effects?  BIZARRE.   but i loved it all!  Everything is so exciting when you’re a kid.

Looking without seeing

cge019Today is good friday!  Almost the end of lent, if you’ve been… lenting?

Internet famous! let me be clear:  As far as I can tell, not being internet famous is a good thing!  People are mean on the internet, and take aim at internet famous people.  I’d rather just make comics without feeling bad about something I love doing.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Long weekend for many!  woot!



Doing time

cge018For some reason, these comics always seem to circle around to prison.  There are these prison documentaries on netflix that scare the CRAP out of me.  There was one on solitary confinement and how it messes with people.  I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

Anyways!  yikes.  Be honest on your resume!  it’s a good policy.


my greatest fears

cge017i’ve never been fired.  I’ve been laid off, but i mean, that’s a bit different.  I have slacker tendencies, and i am afraid of them, so i generally work pretty hard.

Oh man!  So tired!  it was a good conference on the island yesterday, but when you wake up at 5:15am and don’t get home until 9:45pm, it makes for a long day!  a good day, but a long day.  Oh man!


Constructive Criticism

cge016Normally, when I draw cars, I get a reference pic and try to make it as close as I can… but where’s the fun in that?  So this is my version of my little hyundai accent!  …not entirely accurate!


the bane of every commuter’s existence!  I’m thankful i don’t have a long commute anymore.  When I was living in Chilliwack and going to college in Abbotsford (which is hardly a long commute, only about half an hour) the construction of a wire barrier between the lanes on the freeway was taking place.  Sometimes, it didn’t make any difference.  Sometimes, people would decide to go 15 kmh on the freeway, and i’d get to class when it was half over.

Today, I am commuting to vancouver island!  So my normally 15 minute on a scooter commute is going to be closer to 4 hours!  but at least 2 hours of it is on a boat.



Time and time again


Who even wears watches anymore?  I mean, i know that in a year, once everyone has apple watches, i can expect to see more of them, but honestly I haven’t worn a watch since I got a cell phone.  My grandparents got me this really nice watch for my graduation that I wear on special occasions, but i can’t remember the last time I looked at my wrist to tell the time.

I am a punctual person.  …for the most part.  If it is a work thing, I am punctual. If it is anything else… not so much. I gotta work on that.

Happy Monday!