it’s so soft!

2013-9-6The quote comes from Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist” which I haven’t read, but fully intend to.  My reading list is way too long right now… I was hoping to hack it down during the summer, but it was not meant to be!  This summer was for video games and movies.

So!  I hope ol’ Paulo never sees this comic, i’m sure it’s the furthest from his intention, but this has happened to me a couple days in a row now (you’d think that i’d just change the roll) and each time this quote popped into my mind, so i figured, maybe it’s share-worthy.

Have a great friday ‘yall!


a server’s woes


Huge thanks to Steve Berkenpas for sending me a (what i like to think was) CREATIVELY FRANTIC text last night with the joke for today’s comic!  Steve’s a PUN MASTER. has his paintings and puns, and they are GREAT (if you didn’t know that already).  I hope I made this comic up to what you had envisioned!  I was hoping to make a three panel today, as I didn’t have oodles of time to draw it, but as I drew it, I kept realizing I needed more panels to make the thing make sense!  That’s a lot of panels in not a large amount of space.

When I’m at a restaurant and a waiter or waitress or server or whatever drops a dish and it breaks and everyone breaks out in sarcastic applause, it makes me cringe SO HARD.  I feel embarrassed i guess?  but not for the waiter, for all the people sarcastically applauding.  who does that?  JERKS.  jerks do that.

Anyways!  Hope everyone is having a SMASHING friday!  The weekend is almost here!  Rejoice!  See yah BACK HERE on MONDAY.

Don’t judge me!

2013-8-7I’m actually pretty happy with the title.  heh.

Have a great wednesday everyone!  Tomorrow, I will write a better blog post!  I’ve been slacking in the writing posts department lately.  For that, I apologize.


Crystal Light is Kool-aid

2013-7-31seriously though, the commercials are all about girls not being afraid to be themselves, and then the last shot is them “making juice their way”.  Don’t be afraid to squirt juice concentrate into your bottles of water!  It’s who you are.  I guess commercials for “rockstar” and “redbull” or whatever aren’t really that much better on the other end of the spectrum.  Anyways.  That is all!  Have a great wednesday!


it’s not the answer to everything, you know.

2013-7-17Ah, pithy cliches.  Where would we be without them?


Ghost stories

2013-7-9When I think of the ghost, I have a pretty well established idea of what kind of person I think she is.  Charlie is a bit more obvious, but I don’t think I’ve done as good of a job communicating who the ghost is.  So i’m gonna endeavour to change that.
I don’t do it often enough- thank you everyone who reads this comic!  wether you read it daily or do the ol weekly catch up or just stumble upon it once a month or year, know that I really appreciate you reading it!  Hopefully it’s given you a laugh, or just something other then facebook and reddit to look at.  In any case, thankyou for reading it!


winter is for ovens, summer is for BBQs

2013-7-2Yesterday was a scorcher!  Today will be as well.  Not that I am complaining, it’s been rainy for a long while and it is nice to see some sun!

When I lived in regina, in an apartment, in the summer time, I was a HUGE pain to the rest of my room mates i’m sure because I firmly believed in heat management.  AKA, if it was hot, you had to turn off the lights.  Why?  Because this was back in the day before fancy no-heat LEDs and stuff like that!  If anything, we had SUPER-HEAT-HALOGENS or something.  Lights generate heat.  It made for some dark apartment days.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!