I drew this one on Saturday (when I was supposed to be doing some of the chores I have listed, haha!) and forgot to post it Sunday morning, so here it is, Sunday afternoon! I hope your weekend was as productive as mine! Haha

Cultus Lake Beach Day!

2013-7-1So, summer hits chilliwack like a ton of bricks!  Seriously came out of nowhere, and it is very welcome to stay for as long as it likes!  Of course, seeing as it is CANADA DAY (woo) and this is a long weekend, I should of suspected that there would be a bit of a line up to get out to the lake…. But I didn’t suspect it, and I didn’t take any of the shortcuts, and it took us a half an hour to get there.  That’s really not that bad, considering when I lived in saskatchewan, it would take me two days of driving to get to cultus… so, you know.
Happy Canada day!  Hope you’re celebrating it in the traditional fashion… BBQ’s, Swimmin, Camping, and complaining about going back to work tomorrow!  😉


have an interesting weekend!

2013-3-15I have an interesting tale to tell you.
Me and my wife Diana have a dog, whose name is coffee.  Coffee the dog.  It leads to some confusing statements like “i’m gonna go home and get coffee”, and responses like “we have coffee in the church kitchen, you don’t need to go home”.  We just got coffee (the dog) in the last month or so, she’s pretty darn cute, still getting used to the whole pet owner thing.
Anyways, today i’m walking coffee around a park, trout lake to be exact, and this chinese guy comes up to me, and with quite broken english, says, “cute!  Your dog looks like a lion.  How much?”  and I thought he was asking how old she was, which is one of two questions we are asked (the other is “what breed is that?”) so I say “about four months.”  And then he says “Four!? That’s way too much.  I won’t go a penny over three thousand.  Your dog looks like a lion!”  At this point, I guess, it turns out, he didn’t know i was talking about months in a year, and he made it clear to me that he wanted to buy my dog?  Cause of her lion-like looks?  Or at least, that’s the best that I can make sense of it.  Anyways, it was… interesting.   In the negative sense.  He kept insisting that he’d give me three thousand dollars for my dog.  I get pretty awkward in high pressure situations like that, so I kissed coffee goodbye and now we have a new TV!
nah, I basically just said “Ok then!  You have a good day,” and walked away with my top-dollar-dog.  With every step, I heard the guy chuckle “your dog looks like a lion ha ha,”.  Surreal.
Have a super interesting weekend!