Thanks brah

I am not a gym person. I’ve never enjoyed it. I remember gym class in high school and everyone would try and bench press more then everybody else and for the most part, the only thing I enjoyed was the rowing machine because it was loud and obnoxious and could drown out the terrible gym music.

These days, I have a somewhat passable elliptical in my garage, and that thing has gotten quite a bit of use over the last year or so. I try to walk outside whenever I can, it’s good for clearing my head and praying… but walking on the elliptical is good for watching smallville, so, you know.


2013-11-15there is this stair-master where each step is a mini-treadmill that moves up and down.  I think they should make an exo-skeleton that you wear, and you can put like a -10 setting on it, with gives 10 pounds of resistance to everything you do, or like a +10 setting which makes you ten pounds stronger!  Anyways, you saw it here first, even though i’m sure EVERYONE has had that thought before.