Lower mainland weather

One thing I love living in the Fraser valley of bc is the weather is relatively mild. Summers are hot but rarely over 35 Celsius, winters are chilly but not really under -5. It snows, but only enough for it to be a minor inconvenience. Rarely is ice a concern. It’s the best!

That being said, if any sort of weather event DOES happen, we are woefully unequipped to deal with it. If the winds pick up, BAM, 500K people in the lower mainland without electricity. Trees squishing people. If it does snow, well, cancel everything because we don’t have even close to enough plows to get people where they need to go… not to mention the big earthquake that’s expected to happen.

anyways, yesterday I chased my hat across a parking lot like a real life cartoon. Felt great. My pants fell down too.

the difference between autumn and fall

2013-10-29Diana said that i was supposed to mention that Charlie is drinking a pumpkin spice latte.  SICK.  or delicious?  nope, just sick.  Coffee and pumpkin pie are two delicious flavours that i think should remain distinct.  …The exception is pumpkin pie blizzards, which are amazing… but that is combining pumpkin with delicious DQ soft serve, which is always a good idea.
So this comic is a direct rip-off of my mom’s facebook status yesterday.  It’s been a particularly windy couple of days, and you really notice it when you have maple trees scattered around, because their leaves are bigger then your head.
The difference between autumn and fall is when you need to be  cautious of falling objects.

Yesterday was my day off, and i’m really trying to get over this nasty sinus headache dizzy gross-feeling blagh-ness, so most of the day consisted of me watching the entire second season of initial D, and a bunch of movies that were on my neflix que.  One of which was comic book confidential!  OH MAN, what an inspiring movie.  If one of my comic endeavours ever makes it on a documentary some day, that would be super cool.  I could even be that one guy that every documentary has that’s like “Rob Shauf drew charlie and the ghost.  Its collected work is an instantly forgettable piece of poo, but for some reason, he drew it for 3+ years.  He is quoted as saying that, ‘it’s good drawing practice, but i wish i could write them better, maybe if i had more time, but i don’t, so it’s fine’.  He faded into obscurity (though, to be fair, he was never really known) once people realized most of his comics were based off of facebook status updates either that his friends and family made, or ones that Rob himself should have made, which would have gave him the satisfaction of feeling funny while saving himself a couple hours of drawing.  If he would have done pushups instead of driving, he could probably have learned how to do a hand stand, which is really cool and not a lot of people can do it nowadays, in the year 2045, when this documentary is being made”.  If you read this far, you get a medal.