GoGo Weekly: StarWars Ships!

STARWARS! Ahh. I loves me some Star Wars! The ship designs are all really cool. There wasn’t enough room on the title card for me to put all three ships that I drew for this video (I got a bit carried away drawing the Tie fighter in easy mode 3 times) so here is the Millenium Falcon, drawn in only ink with no erasing:

It’s fun to invent little challenges for yourself. No pencils, no erasing, only ink- and most of it drawn with the same brush (I had to trade-up to a bigger brush when doing the black spaces). Why? Why would somebody do something like that? It isn’t going to make for a better drawing, is it? Well, maybe not on this particular drawing, but 100 drawings later it should have an impact when it comes to speed and accuracy. If there’s one thing that I know about myself as an artist, it’s that I prefer to work quickly. So, if that’s the case, I better learn to get GOOD working quickly. Plus, I mean, this painting looks not too shabby! If I were to do it again, I’d choose a thinner brush- then I could get more details in. This is always a problem with my art: I LOVE thick lines to work with, but I prefer the way art drawn with thin lines looks in the end.

What else? Oh! Yes. This week was HOURLY COMIC DAY on Feb 1st. So, BUCKLE UP!

For Hourly Comics Day, I challenged myself to do TRUE hourlies: Each of these comics (with the exception of the very last one) was drawn IN the hour itself, right after the event that happened. The last one, I think I drew at 9:45, and then did those things at those times. I challenged myself to draw each of these comics on my ReMarkable2 tablet, which was a lot of fun. I’m still not super stoked on how the resolution comes out when you export it as a .png- And I think I found a new work around (although I found it AFTER exporting all of these comics). It always looks SO GOOD on the remarkable screen, and then so jaggedy when it translates to a pure black-and-white file. On the iPad, using the remarkable app, you can preview your documents and the screen resolution is much higher- I think a simple screen-shot from an ipad will actually result in a higher resolution image with smoother lines. All of that to say, the next time I use the remarkable for art that I intend to share, I think it’ll look better.

I also made some regular ol’ comics! Here they are:

That was a lot of comics this week! Or maybe it just feels like a lot- last week’s “let’s draw” was how to draw comics, and between the comics I’ve made, the comics my comics class is making, and the comics I’ve gotten from that video, it feels like there is a lot of comics and that feels like a good thing. I might actually make more ‘beginner’s making comics’ sort of videos- I think that one video has turned out to be my most popular “lets draw” topic, so it seems like there might be a bit of a desire for people to learn the basics of comic making. Hmmmmm.

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see yah back here next with with MORE! FRESH! COMICS! STUFF!