Timeless truths

Gotta love cliches!
sometimes making comics is therapeutic. It’s a good way to take my mind off of stuff and just relax! This cliche popped into mind because, some days, you just gotta approach the big problems one small bite at a time. In the words of “what about bob” baby steps! In the words of frozen 2, do the next right thing. It all means the same thing- when stuff is overwhelming and you don’t know what to do, just focus on the little thing you can do, and keep doing those little things.

before you tell him GOOD BYEEEEEE


Sometimes, the best advice you can give is admitting that you don’t have any advice to give!  Of course, sometimes, the best advice you can give is “lay off the potato chips”, but i mean, it’s all contextual, really.

always look on the bright side

2014-3-19…I may have drawn this after reading through Ecclesiastes a couple times.  In case you haven’t read it, it’s a book of wisdom literature in the bible, pretty much wholly concerned with helping man come to grips with his mortality.  It’s great!

I think I’ve always thought, to some extent, that a meaningful life equates to being famous in some way, for something.  I think Ecclesiastes would disagree with me, and i’m glad it does.  It sucks, equating fame with meaning, because i’m not famous, so by my own standards, that means i’m meaningless.  Ecclesiastes puts things into perspective.

Have a great weekend everyone!


the death of my imagination

2014-3-11What frontier is there left for man to explore?  Exploring wikipedia is a BORING TRAP that wastes an entire afternoon!  I want to go outside!  I want to find fossils and dragon-bone and dig for buried treasure and, i guess, be a little kid again.  There was so much wonder in the world!  I guess there still is, I just can’t see it, ’cause i’m too fast to google everything.  I guess i’ll have to see the world’s wonder fresh through my daughters eyes, once she’s old enough to go on adventures.

For now, i’m happy to have her lay on her play mat and bat away at the mobile.  …maybe the mobile IS dragons to Josie!  ooh.  GET EM!


Wisdom Teeth are FUN


So, the worst part about sleeping after getting your wisdom teeth taken out- about 4 hours into the sleep, your T3 wears off, the soothing effect of icepacks is gone, and your shirt has gone from a nice white to a gross drool-and-blood-spotted brownish red.  I had grand plans for what this, the last day of my week of vacation, was going to be; i severely underestimated just how painful getting 4 teeth taken out at once is.

I don’t really have headaches anymore though, but i am not optimistic… I think I can’t feel my headache because all I can feel is that my jaw is the size of a VW van.

I’m so bad at being sick.