Thanks brah

I am not a gym person. I’ve never enjoyed it. I remember gym class in high school and everyone would try and bench press more then everybody else and for the most part, the only thing I enjoyed was the rowing machine because it was loud and obnoxious and could drown out the terrible gym music.

These days, I have a somewhat passable elliptical in my garage, and that thing has gotten quite a bit of use over the last year or so. I try to walk outside whenever I can, it’s good for clearing my head and praying… but walking on the elliptical is good for watching smallville, so, you know.

the wisdom of resolutions


It’s not my fault that McDonalds introduced poutine right when people make resolutions to change their life style!  Do you think the CEO of McDonalds and the CEO of big gyms are constantly trying to out-fox one another?  no?  yeah…. probably not.  but still, McDonalds poutine exists, and even though it isn’t especially tasty, it is ESPECIALLY CONVENIENT!  and really, that’s almost as important.  It’s why Tim Hortons is so popular, after all!
…this is a very canadian blog post, i’m realizing.  Tim Hortons?  Poutine?  And just to set the record straight: i ain’t got nuthin’ against tim hortons.  As a rule, if a drink puts caffeine into me, i don’t really care what it tastes like.


2013-11-15there is this stair-master where each step is a mini-treadmill that moves up and down.  I think they should make an exo-skeleton that you wear, and you can put like a -10 setting on it, with gives 10 pounds of resistance to everything you do, or like a +10 setting which makes you ten pounds stronger!  Anyways, you saw it here first, even though i’m sure EVERYONE has had that thought before.