150 ggmrs strips!

alright, let’s count it out.
  1. Dumb question
  2. dumb answer #1
  3. dumb answer #2
  4. good idea

    there is some debate as to whether or not a question can be an idea, or if it is the catalyst for an idea, but I think anything your brain generates is an idea, so I think it works. Today’s comic is the 150th comic strip of go go Mach rocket sheep, or as I’ve come to refer to it in my head, “GGMRS”, because that’s what I name the files. That’s in addition to over a thousand charlie and the ghost strips, and a couple space chuck graphic novels, and about a hundred half-started comic ideas.

I’ve always been of the mind that it’s better to run with an alright idea than it is to sit around doing nothing because the perfect idea hasn’t come along. I think the process of failing and make adjustments helps to refine the idea making process to begin with. Of course, it’s easier and much more comfortable to do nothing.

Embracing the inevitable

cge105 cge106 cge107 cge108 cge109

All the comics this week have something to do with embracing the inevitable.  I started the week off with a healthy dose of complaining about how inevitable it is to see videos i don’t wanna see due to Facebook auto-playing everything (regardless of how many times i turn auto-play off).  Writer’s block: inevitable.  Getting older and uglier:  inevitable!  Having TONS of great toys, only to have your kid be more interested in a box?  Yep, that’s inevitable.  And finally, frustration with entitlement and the political system.  inevitable.

Random, busy, cheater week

cge083 cge082 cge081 cge080 cge079

Oh man!  What a busy week!  To give you an idea of what occupied my time…
1) mixing and mastering a 12 song kids CD recorded with our youth band
2) creating 4 two minute video clips each day (one of which is a cartoon) for a total of 40 minutes worth of video created!
3) a bunch of little things that would take too long to explain!

in any case, there was a lot of time spent putting my two work computers through their paces… when one was rendering animation, the other was exporting composites and my personal laptop was bouncing the music.  Of course, the nerd in me likes that nerdy stuff, but it sure leaves a person creatively bankrupt, which is why I thought i probably wouldn’t be able to make comics this week.

This week of comic updates was strange for a few reasons:
1)  I thought i’d be too tired to do ANYTHING, but drawing for me can still be relaxing!  weird in a good way.
2)  I drew the pictures first and thought up the writing second.  weird in a bad way.

I have always had the problem of wanting to draw and figuring out the writing after… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I started refusing to draw until I had stuff written down and fleshed out a couple years ago.  Writing is stressful for me, it’s tricky to think up something worth reading, but is super important!  it’s very backwards to think that a story will just write itself after it’s been drawn.  Or at least for me it is.

So, this week of drawing FELT like a couple of years ago, when I never wrote ahead of time, but the drawing was really enjoyable.  Which brings me to my third “weird” realization:

3) which is better:
i)  Have fun drawing, slack on writing, ‘meh’ comics?
ii)  Work on writing, meh on drawing, ‘much better’ comics?

Who knows!

…Big words.

2014-10-20I don’t know if you’ve ever watched “Gilmore girls”, but it is on netflix, and it is funny, and you COULD totally watch it!  It’s got witty writing and rapid delivery.   there are many dated pop-culture references, but they don’t really detract from the show.  Also, they use big words that i don’t know!  so its educational.  Anyway- this has been my review of a show that hasn’t had a new episode since 2007!



creative writing? more like creative READING



I am currently five books into a series of books that will likely NEVER be finished.  Or at least, never finished in a way that is satisfying.  I’m at the point where I’m questioning why I’m even reading it.

A good book puts you into someone else’s head, and makes you care about them and their experiences and their story.  Even good text books do this, they spur you on to care! to learn more, and to retain the info, so that the world you live in is better understood.  And a good novel has real-life implications, perhaps a perspective gained or an experience shared or whatever. A bad book is just words on a page.

Right now, i’m trying to decide if a good book can become a bad book because of reader fatigue.  Or maybe author fatigue?  The problem with the book series i’m reading is that there are too many details to forget; if i stop reading and take a break, i’ll forget what was going on, and there would be thousands of pages to read to get back up to speed, which would just tire out my imagination yet again.

Anyways, authors out there:  please make sure to finish your stuff.  we’re all counting on you!


Our little prodigy

Happy thursday!

According to Norah Jones:

“All is fair in love and songwriting”.

Well, obviously you haven’t heard some of the songs i’ve written.


time to practice

i haven’t made music that i like since i got married!  I poured every last ounce of my musical energies into writing love songs that would get Diana to marry me, and then we got married, and now i can’t write anything that doesn’t suck.  THAT IS, UNTIL NOW!

Why now?  because i’m watching anime, and if anime does anything, it does this:  it clearly portrays the message “Don’t give up!  Do your best!  ra ra ra!  let’s save the world!” or at least the happy go lucky anime that i watch tends to portray those things.  Is there anything quite as exciting as crazy-fast J-pop hyper-actively crashing around intensely screamed japanese dialogue?  is there anything quite as awesome as japanese lyrics translating poorly into english, and making no sense at all?  no!  there is nothing better then this!  what an expression of pure joy!  The closest english equivalent of the pure joy such an experience brings is the live-action (well, kind of) remake of speed racer that came out in 2008.  That movie is probably the best at taking what anime and manga are and putting it on screen, in english, and trying to make it accessible for all… though the visual style may give you a headache if it isn’t in high-def.

So!  writing some music, watching speed racer… day off = planned!