How to write a good novel

Not a great novel, mind you. Just a good one. Good is a theologically loaded word, but if you don’t care about theology, good isn’t a great word to describe something that’s, well, good. Like if someone spent all day making you a cake and in their enthusiasm they asked “tell me, how is it?” And you took a bite and said “good,” well, I think you’d be wearing that cake now wouldn’t you?

I’ve had a couple awesome ideas for a novel. The first is that I watch the lord of the rings trilogy, And with some good speech to text software, I describe everything I see through the eyes of an 8 year old and it is one big long run on sentence. Nothing would give me more joy then to talk up my novel to somebody and then hand that brick of a book to them and watch the confusion on their face.


150 ggmrs strips!

alright, let’s count it out.
  1. Dumb question
  2. dumb answer #1
  3. dumb answer #2
  4. good idea

    there is some debate as to whether or not a question can be an idea, or if it is the catalyst for an idea, but I think anything your brain generates is an idea, so I think it works. Today’s comic is the 150th comic strip of go go Mach rocket sheep, or as I’ve come to refer to it in my head, “GGMRS”, because that’s what I name the files. That’s in addition to over a thousand charlie and the ghost strips, and a couple space chuck graphic novels, and about a hundred half-started comic ideas.

I’ve always been of the mind that it’s better to run with an alright idea than it is to sit around doing nothing because the perfect idea hasn’t come along. I think the process of failing and make adjustments helps to refine the idea making process to begin with. Of course, it’s easier and much more comfortable to do nothing.


Embracing the inevitable

cge105 cge106 cge107 cge108 cge109

All the comics this week have something to do with embracing the inevitable.  I started the week off with a healthy dose of complaining about how inevitable it is to see videos i don’t wanna see due to Facebook auto-playing everything (regardless of how many times i turn auto-play off).  Writer’s block: inevitable.  Getting older and uglier:  inevitable!  Having TONS of great toys, only to have your kid be more interested in a box?  Yep, that’s inevitable.  And finally, frustration with entitlement and the political system.  inevitable.