Happy Thanksgiving!

2014-10-13gotta love cranberries.

Things I am thankful for!

1)  My wife, daughter, brother, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, family, friends!
2)  My job
3)  Everyone who reads this silly comic!
4)  My scooter!
5)  Netflix

This isn’t everything, but i guess it would take a pretty long time if I were to type everything God has given me that I am thankful for… and it already took way too long to draw this comic!  It’s funny, there are some times that drawing digitally saves time, and there are some times that drawing digitally really doesn’t save time.  If I were to draw this comic on a piece of paper with pencils and erasers, it probably would have taken ten minutes to get the line-art done, and maybe another ten minutes to get the shading/etc…  but this took an hour and a half on the ol’ tablet!  ah well, i think it turned out fine.

I’m thankful for Diana, who gives me comic ideas all the time.  This one is sort of her idea.