There’s truth behind every joke

Coincidence!? I think not.

I’m currently drawing comics with my daughter in a Starbucks, sipping on Christmas blend, listening to the Vince Geraldi trio (spelling?). Pretty good day over-all!

*RPG victory fanfare*

Yes, may the world know and celebrate the following: I, Robert Shauf, fixed a kitchen sink without consulting a YouTube tutorial or asking the bearded guy at Home Depot for advice. Using nothing but my raw wit (and the instructions that came with the Repair kit) I did something that was previously only something plumbers and wizards (and people who had previously fixed a sink) had done: I fixed a sink.
To be fair, the hardest part of fixing the sink was removing the old facet, because all the parts on it that can be replaced are not the parts that were broken on it, and because the underside of it looked quite a bit different from the new one I bought (which, by fluke, was the exact same style and brand, just 20 years newer). I only managed to leak a few litres of water everywhere. My daughter thought it was funny.

in any case, this is the second relatively simple plumbing fix I’ve gotten to do in the last month or so. I feel like I’ll have to do a few more in the next few months, all of our faucets are dying and breaking at the same rate.

a few more fixes around the house and I can be one of those guys that goes to Home Depot and makes small talk with other guys that go to Home Depot to make small talk!

Life hangs in the balance

Sorry for the lack of comic yesterday! I woke up sick (convinced it was food poisoning). I went to work and felt like a zombie, so I went home in the afternoon and slept pretty much until the next morning. Today, I’m pretty much back to normal- one of those 24 hour bugs. Yeesh!

every time I get the flu or a cold or a bug, I get a bit dramatic about mortality. My mind goes to morbid places. Are humans resilient? Probably! Immune systems and whatnot.

Space is so cool

Space is so cool, both the science fiction/fantasy and the real deal are so inspiring and awesome. When I got to go to NASA in Houston, it was such a cool experience, seeing all the rockets and space suits. I was really sick and a bit delirious, but walking into the hangar with the Saturn v rocket on its side and seeing how massive it was (even in its state of deterioration) it was inspiring. Of course, seeing an x wing pull an e-break turn to kill some tie fighters is pretty inspiring too. I’m equally inspired by both, because I’m what you’d call “easy to amuse.”
I will say this though: space failures are way more impressive in reality than they are in fantasy. When a Sci fi movie fails, nobody’s happy. When a billion dollar mission fails because somebody missed a decimal point, well, that’ll make you ponder existence. space is hard.

Charcuterie 4 lif3

Is there anything worse than a platter full of amazing food, knowing that it taste as good as it looks, while at the same time knowing it consists 100% of all the stuff I’m not really supposed to be eating? Yeesh! And I could make an exception, but where does that end? I tell you where it ends- with a missing charcuterie board and 6 months of healthier eating down the drain. But oh man. One day.

At our young adults group we had a charcuterie board tonight. I’m not ashamed to admit that my mouth literally watered and I almost drooled. Also I got a lump of plastic poo in the gift exchange, so there’s that.

Sock heel calibration

One of my daughters is so finicky about how her socks are put on. If the toe crease doesn’t line up exactly perfect, it’s the end of the world! If the heel stretches too far past her heel, throw the socks out! Yeesh.