Go Go Weekly: May 10th, 2021

I only got around to making one comic strip this week, but I still managed to stay pretty busy.

My class is now in full swing.  I’ve read about 350 pages of history and theology and I’ve got about another 700 pages left to go.  When my brain gets occupied with being busy, one of two things happen:  My tired brain comes up with amazing comic ideas without even having to try, OR (more likely) I don’t have the energy to come up with anything worth drawing.  The above offering is the one comic idea that came to me- the missing four are reflective of the second tired-brain option. BUT! I still wanted to draw, even though I had no ideas…. and, to that end, I’ve started drawing COLOURING SHEETS for my kids to work on!

This is my new favourite artistic endeavour… It requires EXACTLY 0% brain power to make, and it has the added bonus of giving my kids something to do!  Not only that, I think they’ll bind up quite nicely/easily to make a fun colouring book to sell some day when we’re allowed to table at conventions again! They are inspired by a comic i made a few weeks ago about how I think coloring pages are dumb, and then I had friends tell me “I’d color that.” So here we are!

This last week, I also did a “how to make a repeating ribbon brush” tutorial! In Clip Studio. I don’t know how to do it in Photoshop but I guess I could figure that out if I were ever tempted to use photoshop again (I won’t be- clip studio for life!)

Thanks for reading! See you next week.


Go Go Weekly: May 2nd, 2021

Here we are, another week of updates! As life gets busier, I anticipate I won’t be able to make as many comic strips in a week, but so far the opposite has proved true: the busier I am, the more ideas I have to make into comic strips. My class officially starts back up this week so it may be optimistic to think I can keep up 5-7 strips a week. PLUS! Oh man, I want to make a choose your own adventure book! So bad. So if I start that, you can expect to see some progress shots here!

Seriously, what a stupid program! “We’re gonna NOT do this really good thing for the environment unless you use our loyalty card.” It’s like… You’re still getting money, so maybe you should just do it anyways? People who are loyal to gas stations?? that’s a strange idea to me.

On real Kraft boxes, the serration doesn’t even go through the second layer of cardboard, it’s just superficially scored on the first layer. What’s the point?!

Other than making all those comics, this week I spent a little time making a new “vine brush”. There are some things that I enjoy drawing, and there are some things that are tedious. I’m not big on drawing backgrounds for example- some of my friends LIVE for backgrounds but that is not me. Anyways, when that is the case, I like to make brushes like this vine brush to help lighten the load of how long it takes to draw backgrounds. In the “Royalbot” comic, the background crowd in panel three is a “crowd brush” I made. Instead of drawing and having a line come out of the stylus, you pull the pen across the screen and voila! A crowd (or vines, or cityscape, or or or) appears. I’ve made quite a few of these in Clip Studio. They can be a time saver, but they aren’t for any and every situation.


Go Go Weekly: April 25th!

I really like how the squirrel came out! In this week’s episode, my daughter made the music when the art that people submitted is shown, and honestly it’s probably my favourite music i’ve used on these videos! So great! I love seeing the art that people come up with, and if you (or your kids, or your classroom if you’re a teacher) come up with any art, email it to me at and I’ll put it in the next week’s video!

I’ve been working on compiling a couple comic collections, one focused on short stories and side projects I’ve made over the years (most of which have never been shown to anyone) and, while making that, I realized that I have made around 4oo individual “Gogomachrocketsheep” comic strips and it might be time for a collection!

Thanks for reading this week’s updates! I think my favourite one from this week is definitely the super hero one, because it occured to me rather suddenly while biking home from work that the whole “hero born from trauma” thing is ridiculous- probably the worst way to deal with trauma would be to wear a mask and inflict trauma on others. Anyways!

This last week was crazy-busy for me in work and life, and I’m feeling a bit worn out creatively. Add to that the fact that my class has started back up again- OH BOY! My comic production might scale back a bit so i can spend time making the videos and working on those two books I had mentioned. Anyways, thanks for reading! See yah next week!