Health conscious

This comic is based off of something we saw while driving around town. Can you name everything wrong with this comic? Haha.

Careful what you wish for

I was reading my daughter the incredibly long kids book version of the little mermaid. It doesn’t share any of the art from the movie, it all looks like rejected half finished footage. Anyways, this popped into my head and I thought it was funny, so here it is!

There’s no escaping it

I’ve been known to get half way down the block, turn the car around, rush home, open the door, check the stove aaaand of course I turned it off, but now I’m late. Safe and late.

That’ll show ‘em

It was an interesting article. Without being able to cram as many people as possible onto a plane and turn it around in an hour and do the same thing all day every day, discount airlines will go out of business and larger airlines will have to follow new protocols that make flight incredibly inconvenient (screening passengers even further, sanitizing the plane in between flights, etc). The article was saying that, of course, the rich and powerful and celebrities will still be flying, but the article directly under that said how Taylor swift just sold one of her private jets, so I mean, it’s rough all over.

anyways, it’s Mother’s Day and I probably should of made a Mother’s Day comic, but mother’s are no laughing matter! Love you mom, And grandma, and Diana (who isn’t my mom, but I mean, she’s the mother of my children, so I feel like that still counts!)

Instant no-bake Oreo cheesecake

Honestly, best recipe ever! If you’ve never dipped an Oreo in cream cheese and eaten it, well, let me tell you, you’re likely going to live longer.