Blog post!


It’s been a long time since i’ve updated the blog section with a big chunk o’ archive, so here goes!

I’ve been working on a bunch of other projects!  It’s fun!  making stuff!  yay!  Hopefully i’ll be able to keep picking away at those things so that I can share them with people soon.  I’m hoping to make a really stupid short cartoon that I could hopefully share by december, for example!  like, really stupid.  but sometimes, you have a stupid idea, and it’s fun to run with it.

I’ve also been flexing my drawing muscles by working on a larger-scale comic project.  In case you’re wondering why charlie looks so different from frame to frame these days, well, in short, it’s cause I enjoy drawing but drawing poor ol’ chuckles is boring! So he’s become my guinea pig.  I hope that’s ok with everyone, because, well, thems the breaks!

Updates will continue to be sporadic, and you can count on that!  So that’s a type of consistent update schedule, right? ha.  haha! HA.