150 ggmrs strips!

alright, let’s count it out.
  1. Dumb question
  2. dumb answer #1
  3. dumb answer #2
  4. good idea

    there is some debate as to whether or not a question can be an idea, or if it is the catalyst for an idea, but I think anything your brain generates is an idea, so I think it works. Today’s comic is the 150th comic strip of go go Mach rocket sheep, or as I’ve come to refer to it in my head, “GGMRS”, because that’s what I name the files. That’s in addition to over a thousand charlie and the ghost strips, and a couple space chuck graphic novels, and about a hundred half-started comic ideas.

I’ve always been of the mind that it’s better to run with an alright idea than it is to sit around doing nothing because the perfect idea hasn’t come along. I think the process of failing and make adjustments helps to refine the idea making process to begin with. Of course, it’s easier and much more comfortable to do nothing.

Tunnel vision

One of my resolutions this year is to stop snacking, with some important loop holes. 1) on date night, I can snack. 2) if I’m at an event that has snacking as a big part of what it is (for example, a movie with friends and everyone’s got popcorn). Really, it’s meant to keep me eating food at meal times, and after the meal is over, to stop picking away at stuff. That’s the intent.

the only thing keeping me from breaking this resolution is the fact that I don’t want to be cliche and break my resolution before I’m even out of January.

all I can think about right now is how Diana’s instant pot Mac ‘n’ cheese is sitting in the fridge, begging to be eaten. And if I didn’t eat that, I could whip up some tasty peanut noodles, or popcorn with white cheddar seasoning, or oh man the options are pretty well endless! I’d even go for an Apple.

Here’s what I do instead. I drink tea and sit with a magic bag. I have to microwave the magic bag, which makes me feel like I’m preparing something, and tea tastes pretty good so it feels like I’m having a snack. Also, keeping busy helps.



Yes, kid. Whatever you want, just don’t wake me up until 7am.

Both my daughters are at the age where they’re generally pretty good at sleeping until their clocks tell them it’s okay to wake up. That being said, the second the ‘sun wakes up’ on their clock, you better believe they’re expecting everyone else to be awake and ready to go. On more than one occasion, Diana and I were sleeping pleasantly and were jarred awake by the door flinging open and a preschooler yelling “sun’s awake!” And slamming the door. She’s not even a morning person.

5 year plan

Ah, the five year plan. Strictly speaking, being 34, I should be coming up to the end of my 7th 5 year plan, if a person were to literally plan their lives five years at a time. I’ve heard that the idea is your five year plan is always five years away, you’re sort of adjusting it as you go, letting the big picture inform your daily decisions that will get you there.

Advertising is ridiculous

Seriously though, Quaker oatmeal squares (which actually only contain 4 grams of Fibre per serving) are the greatest breakfast cereal ever invented. They taste so good, they don’t need advertisement. This is not an ad. I am in no way paid to promote their cereal (although I’d be open to the idea- contact my agent, you beautiful Quaker geniuses).

anyways, as I was chomping away at my favourite cereal, I was trying to remember how I got introduced to such delicious morsels (as it certainly wasn’t an advertisement- not enough sugar to warrant a commercial). Then I started thinking about what a commercial might look like, and I remembered the old adage “sex sells” and after I stopped laughing at the idea of a sexy oat squares commercial, voila! This was made. You’ve been comic stripped.

seriously though, you should definitely buy and eat this cereal. Try it, and like me, you’ll give a crap.

And when I breathe

It’s true. I was sitting at the desk and I turned to look and see what my daughters were up too and that was all it took.

other ridiculous ways I’ve thrown my back out over the years:

  1. Sneezing
  2. stepping out of my car
  3. sitting in awful chairs at a graduation ceremony

I think I’ve only thrown my back out four times, so that about completes the list. Other than asprin, microwaving a magic bag and playing a lot of breath of the wild to kill time and stave off boredom, got any tips?

Oh Cana duh

This comic is based on the rollercoaster that is my Facebook news feed and people’s reactions to British Columbia’s brush with Royalty. It’s also influenced by my recent watch through of the early seasons of the simpsons, which are gold.

I grew up on the prairies and politics and, well, the whole world, seemed to far away to matter. There was a picture of the queen on the wall in every classroom, and I think the queen came to visit a city once when I was alive. That was the extent of my exposure to royalty.

Anyways, this comic is really meant to be more a commentary on how flip floppy people can be. I hope they move to Canada and they like it here.