It was a pretty tense situation

Panels one and two describe a situation that happened today. I was walking along and saw a big red “beware of dog” sign posted on a broken fence, and immediately laughed out loud at the joke in my head. Panel three didn’t happen, but I mean, it was a possibility!

Midgar, 500 years later

I’ve played final fantasy vii for YEARS. For about 20 years, actually. Yeesh!

I love this game so much. But I’ve never legitimately beat it. The furthest I’ve ever gotten on my own is to the last boss, but I could never beat it. Back in the PlayStation one days, that’s where the game shark would come in! I’ve bought it on PlayStation one (twice), PC (pre-steam), on the psp, ps3, ps4, iOS and Android, As well as the PlayStation classic. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw that they had a square soft sale on, and after the points I had saved up, I could get it on switch for like $5. The switch is the perfect video game console, and I wanted to try it out- I was itching for some neoclassic jRPG. It’s the best version by far! For some reason, It looks better then the iOS one, and the controllers (instead of using the screen) are Necessary for it to feel intuitive. Plus, they have a 3x speed feature, which is how I managed to beat it in under two weeks!

I guess that’s sort of cheating.

Book making

Plenty of time to share interests with the kids!

Right now my daughter is big into comics and graphic novels geared towards kids. She also reads pretty much anything you put in front of her, so it’s pretty fun! But, tying to explain to her that making a perfect bound 200 page full colour graphic novel isn’t something you can do in an hour has proven to be interesting.

yes, yes, there are ways you can be crafty and make a perfect-bound book at home, but not with the supplies we have during this time of physical isolation. We’re stuck in our house. We’re burning through our supply of printer paper. I wonder if staples is considered an essential service?

A hope and a future

Covid 19 is awful. It’s hard to see what life might look like after, it’s already changed so much of our world. I saw two things online that really resonated with me.

the first was a tweet that went something like “well, here’s to two months of wondering if my chest pain and light cough is covid or if it’s allergies and intense anxiety”.
the second was a comic I saw today on Reddit that went something like “the great prophecy of old has been fulfilled! The world didn’t end, but it did suck for a while.” It’s going to suck for a long while, for a lot of people, in a really bad way. But life will go on.
I’m really looking forward to when people aren’t dying of this. I’m also looking forward to toilet paper.

also, as a natural introvert, When it comes to being stuck at home- I’m coping better then most of the extroverts in my life.

Quiet, peaceful, serene

Our dog has to be the most chill and easy-going dog of all time. Eternally gentle around kids, super loving, and loves to sleep in the middle of all the action. I think she’s genuinely confused as to why we are all at home all the time.

Clear as mud

It’s spring break for the kids, and my family had planned on having our vacation time in these next two weeks. We were already planning a staycation, but for us, a staycation usually means sticking around the area, doing all the local tourist things (after all, growing up on the Canadian prairies, people from there would drive out here for their vacations!) and eat a bunch of food and go to the city and just hang out at the coffee shops and the comic shops and the toy stores and just breathe in the busy and do all the things. But!

our stay-cation corresponds with our government’s recommendation of social distancing (and likely soon, if we follow suit of other countries, total isolation with the exception of grocery shopping). We’re two days in, and already the idea of having a bunch of lazy days is a bit difficult for the kids to grasp. They want to do things, because that’s what we usually do on vacation. But there’s a first time for everything.