Life hacks for average joes

The first panel is something I have recently discovered. I used to watch smallville while I walked on the elliptical, but I ran out of that. Then I was watching YouTube, but the ads are the worst. Then we set the tv up in the garage again, so I put the switch on that and it’s PERFECT. I can have half of the controller in each hand and walk for 30 mins straight without even looking at the watch. I might just play breath of the wild and walk on the elliptical forever.

the second panel is something I discovered about 6 months ago. I’ve already made a comic about how much I love using one travel mug at work, but here are few more reasons I love it: 1) it always feels like you’re going somewhere 2) less prone to spill on my clothes 3) when I do knock it over, it leaks and spills slower than a mug

the third panel is outside of my experience, but I thought it was funny. Well, sort of. I don’t think gun violence is funny, but I do think the idea of robbing a bank as being a life hack is funny.

life hack! Make your very own drill from SCRATCH using cardboard, hot glue, and a drill you’ve taken apart.

Success metrics

I was going to post a long blog write up expounding on this thought, but I think the comic strip expresses my sentiments adequately (and you are free to agree or disagree!). I think in comic strips, and so that’s the medium I invest in. I’ve tried my hand at writing longer form comics and graphic novels, but this is my sweet spot. No point being sad about the fact that the stuff I’m good at making isn’t the stuff that tends to be remembered for a long time- it’s good enough to bring joy in a moment (or it should be, anyways!).


My daughters are a constant source of comedy. My youngest adds a ‘uh’ or an “ugh!” At the end of ‘daddy’ when she recognizes I’m making a dumb dad joke (which I’ve Finally come to understand the purpose of, more on that below). She was so disgusted that I’d think that mermaids were in universities. She said it so matter-of-factly that I knew I had to remember it in comic form.

now, on to dad jokes! I always thought they were either feeble attempts to be funny or regurgitated jokes that at one time were funny, but the truth is, they’re meant to get the type of reaction this comic illustrates. There’s nothing better then trolling your own daughters with a bad joke. ‘DADDY-UH’ is as sweet to my ears as laughter.

You bow to no one

I really do love the lord of the rings. I watched the movies before I read the books, and I think the movies are excellent. The nice thing about the movies is that, with care, they really help to point out and demonstrate themes that are in the books that I never caught when I read the books because, well, I read them when I was young and frankly they were long and thick and I wasn’t a good reader at the time. It’s nice that the movies bring such beautiful ideas to re-expression, faithful to both the medium of film and the themes in the books.

As I was drawing this in my local Starbucks, I actually teared up. I do that from time to time, when a story hits me in an unexpected way and I see how the themes from it work their way out in every day life. Of course Aragorn bowed to the hobbits, he was the only king who would ever think to, because he was a reluctant king, aware of his fear but unconquered by it, noble, who embraced his destiny and rose only to lay it down and (and o Frick I’m crying in a Starbucks again).

the reason it hits me so hard is because this theme is central to my faith, so it works it’s way into everything I see in life.

now a lady has noticed I am a bit teary.

The clarity nobody was asking for

Go go Mach rocket sheep is a combination of a number of different comic aspirations of mine.

I like making the true story comics when they come along because a) they’re funny and b) they are little stories about my family I don’t want to forget, and it’s a fun way of keeping those memories around. Most people I know in real life tend to like these ones the best.

I also continue to make charlie and the ghost strips, sans ghost. Charlie was my alter ego for over five years when I was updating that strip, so on occasion, it’s fun to use chuck to draw funny stuff that happened to friends, or that are based off of real conversations, or that I’d like to distance from myself to suspend disbelief or really for whatever reason. Most people I know in real life still think these comics are about stuff that happens to me, but not really so much these days. These ones are popular with people who like comic strips in general.

I have plenty of internal dialogue. It’s like an episode of scrubs up in my head. I also have plenty of dialogue with other people, and usually my brain takes what my friends are saying and twists it into something ridiculous. Often when I’m with friends I’ll just giggle for no reason and then I have to explain. Anyways- comics with me and chuck are usually either a thought process I’ve had, or an internal dialogue with myself, or my made-up recollection of a conversation I had with a friend. These ones are popular with my nerd buddies (usually because they can detect hints of our conversations in them).

The last type is not based on anything, I tend to make them when I have a funny idea for a comic that isn’t based in anything other than a funny thought I had. Also, when I’m lazy. These tend to bomb, or be the most popular comics I make, with internet people.

comics! Is there anything better than making comics???

It worked for me- it’ll work for you too!

Honestly, it’s the easiest weight loss system I’ve ever stumbled upon.

I’m back to my pre-holidays weight, so that’s nice. It only took me a week this year, mostly because I exercised restraint. We were watching one of those celebrity chefs hanging out eating food shows, and they were just munching away on a plate of bacon, casually ingesting a days worth of carbs, man oh man. Just thinking of bacon makes me salivate.

Thanks brah

I am not a gym person. I’ve never enjoyed it. I remember gym class in high school and everyone would try and bench press more then everybody else and for the most part, the only thing I enjoyed was the rowing machine because it was loud and obnoxious and could drown out the terrible gym music.

These days, I have a somewhat passable elliptical in my garage, and that thing has gotten quite a bit of use over the last year or so. I try to walk outside whenever I can, it’s good for clearing my head and praying… but walking on the elliptical is good for watching smallville, so, you know.