Run for the Cure


It hit me, as I ate spaghetti, watching commercials on TV, that NPO’s and NGO’s and charities and humanitarian aid organizations (like world vision and the red cross)  have varying degrees of dollar effectiveness (which i guess, for my purposes right now, would be a high ratio of money going to where they advertise that it would be going), but when it comes to organizations that work to cure diseases, i have no idea what a good dollar-donated to effective research/cure ratio looks like.  Does the money go to further education?  to replenish funds that are dedicated towards the salaries of researchers?  I need to look into this.

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Hey Rob,

Great reflection and questions! Any reputable charity should publish their financial reports to let the donors know exactly where the money that is donated is going! If the administration + advertising costs are over about 15% I would be asking questions of the charity as to where their priorities lie.

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