The grass is always greener…

2013-5-13I guess people still do write fairytales, we just call them “fantasy” or “science fiction”… which is fine.  I guess fairytales are kinda for kids, except the old ones usually have a pretty morbid moral attached to it…  One thing I am kinda sick of is all of the modern retellings that have been happening in the last two or three years.  Can’t we write NEW fairytales? I guess there have been a couple TV shows that try to make modern fairytales…  Maybe they just aren’t very good?  I haven’t heard a whole lot about them.

Anyways, what’s inspired this little fairytale rant is last night me and Diana watched the movie “Ondine”, which is basically a fairytale, and I really enjoyed it!  One thing about the movie caught my attention.  You can pause that movie at ANY time, and you have an AMAZINGLY beautiful picture.  Like, surreally beautiful!  I don’t know a lot about cinematography, but I do know that they really captured the idea of modern fairytale in the way they shot that movie.  It’s a very beautiful movie!

OK!  Have a happy monday!  WEE