the cure for sensitivity


I am currently packing for may camp!  YAY MAY CAMP!  In case you didn’t know, may camp is a big camp where a bunch of youth go.  We’re taking 16 youth. and 4 leaders, and it’s gonna be a good time.  I’m gonna miss Diana!  and coffee!  The dog coffee, not the drink.. I’m sure they will have coffee to drink there.

Sing this comic strip to the tune of “driving a truck with my high heels on”… It’s a weird Al song.

There is a commercial on TV right now for this particular product, and every time I hear it, I can’t help but transfer it’s intended message (sensodyne makes sensitive teeth hurt less) onto a much broader spectrum of sensitivity (sensodyne cures heartbreak and being in tune with your feelings or time sensitivity).  If you’ve seen it, maybe you know what i’m talking about.  If not, I hope you enjoy the comic!  Have a great long weekend everyone!