c’est la vie!

2013-6-14Easy come, easy go.

Gotta tell yah, these comics have gotten a LOT more auto-biographical ever since I started drawing it in the new style.  Well, biographical might be the wrong word… But it’s definitely turned into more of a journal comic then it used to be!  Write what you know, right?

I was diving around the ol’ hard drive, and I found the TRUE first 12 comics of charlie and the ghost.  For some reason, I did the original 12, posted them on neither my Tumblr page (which is where I started posting these comics originally), and they never made it into any of the books!  Not the “Just the classiest”, and not the book Diana made for me when I hit my first 100… Let me tell you:  THEY ARE AWFUL.  I will post them here some day.  The art sucks, the writing sucks, and I don’t even think I have printable files of them, because I don’t think I was thinking that far ahead.  I like looking back and seeing how far these have come.

Anyways- regarding today’s comic, in truth, Coffee didn’t eat $40 cash… I mean, $20 are plastic now, so it would be a little more difficult.  What she DID eat was a receipt for $45 i was going to get reimbursed. -sigh-