the plight of the flappy bird


SO!  i have an iphone 4.  Not a 4s, not a 5, not a 5s or a 5c, just a regular-old first-wack-at-the-retina-screen iphone 4.  And while flappy bird isn’t an especially graphically demanding game, it is certainly a game that, combined with the constant need to load ads and put them over the game-play screen, my phone can not handle.

(or at least, that’s my excuse for my abysmally low score)

Whatever happened to the games you could, you know, buy for $5, and never see any ads ever again?  Now it’s all this freemium malarkey!  HUMBUG.  I’d rather drop a dollar on a game i know is gonna be fun than attempt to play a game where 50% of the screen real estate is dedicated to distracting ads.

Anyways!  Flap on, flappy bird peeps.


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