I’ve been burned by roll-up-the-rim

2014-2-28Canadians have invented many cool things.  The Red McIntosh apple, the walkie talkie, the snowmobile, insulin, the egg carton, the electric oven, the alkaline battery, instant replay, sonar…  WHY can’t we seem to get coffee lids right!?

I DARE you to get a Tim Hortons coffee and not spill on yourself/dribble on yourself/have it go absolutely everywhere/burn yourself in some way.  Those lids are EVIL! I’m sure they cost next to nothing to produce, but there is no way to open it or transport it or drink it without making a mess.  a hot, burny, scaldy mess.

And now that it’s roll-up-the-rim-to-win, where every cup of coffee could CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, i find that i’m burning myself at least three times a day.  And i haven’t won anything!  not even a doughnut.  I don’t even especially like the taste of the coffee.  I’m a sucker for the possibility of winning a car or money!  but it won’t happen.  So why do I put myself through this?

Here’s the most frustrating thing, pointed out to me by my wife Diana!  Tim Hortons HAS the same solo-lids that EVERY other coffee shop on the planet has.  They put them on their “espresso” drinks.  These lids are superior in every way.   If they put their solo lids on EVERY cup of coffee, that would be great.  I would stop burning myself and spilling on myself.  Then, the only thing they’d have to fix would be how the coffee tastes!

Before you get all-up-in-arms defending tim hortons, know that they don’t need you to defend them.  They aren’t going anywhere, they are practically a Canadian institution.  Here’s a question for yah though: how much cream and sugar do you get in it?  I don’t use cream or sugar, i just drink it black.  a “double double” tastes good, but it doesn’t taste like coffee.  It tastes like sugar and cream.   I’m not some kind of “black coffee elitist”, i just REALLY like the taste of coffee.  Half the time, the coffee at tim hortons tastes fine, and half of the time, it is burnt!  I’m not expecting perfection, tim hortons is cheap and convenient…. but burnt?  To compare to starbucks, their coffee tastes burnt probably a quarter of the time.  And i might pay $3 for a cup of coffee at a mom-and-pop-coffee-shop, but it’ll only be burnt 1/10th of the time!

…but one problem at a time!

If we could get on inventing a better cheap coffee lid, i think THAT’S what would put canada back on the map!  (hehe)


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I LOVE coffee! just not the coffee you get at tim hortons. It never tastes the same twice! Also, my old room mate told me to put the lid tab INTO the cup instead of clipping it back, and that actually helps prevent spills. That being said, i’ll never give up drinking hot beverages on the scooter… It’s just a great all-around idea!

“I don’t even especially like the taste of the coffee.”
“I’m not some kind of “black coffee elitist”, i just REALLY like the taste of coffee.”

I’m confused…do you or don’t you like coffee? You might also not burn yourself as much while trying to drink a coffee when riding your scooter! I’ve switched to tea!


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