Positive Peer Pressure


I’m the only one out of all my friends who play FTL who hasn’t beat it, and it is consuming my life!  Is it fun?  no, it is a WAY OF LIFE.  (and it’s fun)

FTL, in case you didn’t know, is one of the greatest games ever made.  You command a starship and her crew, and you battle, and trade, and repair, and upgrade, and eventually, you either die, or you beat the boss.  It’s all randomly generated, it isn’t the same game twice.  I have never beaten the boss, and i’ve had the game for a couple years.  It also just came out on iPad, which has led to me playing it again.

IN ANY CASE, I’m the only one I know who plays it and hasn’t beaten it.  (Well, I only know one other person who plays it, but i’m still insanely jealous!)  such an accomplishment, good job Clayton!  I WILL NOT SLEEP until I can kill that boss!

…Or, at least, I will not sleep until i’m tired.  You need to be alert to win at that game, after all.

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Thanks! yeah, drool is a big part of my gaming experience! haha.

Video Games are consuming. You will be able to do it, though I thoroughly love the drool down the face, because I’m sure there have been many a time I have been sitting at my computer and that is exactly what I have looked like.

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