SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously!  include some instructions why don’cha!

If you’re following this comic through wordpress or email, thank-you so much!  It warms my heart, and I hope you are enjoying this comic!  I personally love the reader, it’s nice scrolling through all the blogs I like reading.

If you are following this comic through facebook, read on- I’m hoping to make some changes!

About a year ago, facebook changed how stuff shared on a person’s profile works!  I’ve had SO many people who used to read this strip come up to me and say, “Man, I LOVED charlie and the ghost!  Why did you quit?” and I say, “uh… I didn’t!” and they say, “really?  How come I don’t see your comics anymore?”  which kinda sucks!  I mean, i’m not world-famous, i need every fan I can get!  😀

So I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and made a “charlie and the ghost webcomic facebook page”.  If you follow through facebook and want to see the comics in a more reliable fashion, please click “like” on the page!  In about a week, I’m gonna stop sharing the comics on my personal profile.


2 replies on “SEMANTICS, i tell you!”

thanks for joinin’ my facebook page! yeah, facebook. -sigh- Ah well, at least with a facebook page for the comic, my personal profile will slim down.

I did the same thing Rob. Some folks only check out Facebook. It’s like they live in a Facebook only world. I’m mean really, there’s more out there ‘Facebook only’ people! There’s more. But just in case, it’s a good thing to have a Facebook page. I love you ‘Facebook only’ people- really I do! Fortunately, none of them will actually ever read this comment. 🙂
I joined your page!

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