A short run on the pro circuit






It would be very strange to be on the inspirational speaker’s circuit… If there is such a thing.  I remember when I was in public school, we would have these groups come through, like people that would skip rope to techno music and people that would juggle and give little inspirational things…  Or we’d have soldiers come in and talk about whatever.  When I got older, I went to a private christian school, so the only inspirational speakers we got were people talking about christian stuff.  …actually, come to think of it, i think the techno skip-rope came to that school too.  How does a person start a techno skip group?  OR like, i remember there was this touring vocal quartet? called saskatchewan express?  and they’d like sing songs from the lion king? and they had lighting effects?  BIZARRE.   but i loved it all!  Everything is so exciting when you’re a kid.

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I forget exactly what it’s called, but there’s some chair they invented in the 90’s that has a motorized seat. It forces you to do the hula and they say it’s good for butt-flexing.

I love seeing old characters in the background of new strips. Off to do my butt flexes!

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