My triumphant return to internet obscurity


HAHA! i just keep on CRAWLIN’ BACK.

One of the reasons I wanted to take a step back from making Charlie and the Ghost was so that I could pursue other creative outlets!  I wanted to:
a) Start a band and record an EP
b) Work on a longer-form graphic novel
c) get back into painting


a) Recording can’t be interrupted, and requires quite a bit of time to do well (which is in short supply)
b) I’ve veto’d every idea i came up with, and without a story, what’s the point?
c) Painting is messy when you have a toddler, and expensive to boot

Which brings me back to this.

So anyways, you can expect a few of these a week to show up in your facebook or twitter feed, or your wordpress reader.  Once a bunch are made, i’ll update the blog with a whack of them (for those of you who read them in your email inbox).  Because they are all color now, i’m not going to do print books anymore (well, maybe mini-collections, but it’s too expensive to get stuff bound professionally with color).  So i’ll likely be publishing some ebooks or, at the least, pdf collections for your digital viewing pleasure!

4 replies on “My triumphant return to internet obscurity”

haha! yeah it’s true! i guess insanity is just more fun to draw!

Yay! glad you liked the book! yeah making strips until that big idea comes along really is the best way to wait for the story to show up… i guess i just get impatient, you know? But drawing is just too fun and i missed it too much. I couldn’t stay away. 😀

Yay! LOVE IT!!!!
I got your latest book last week. It’s AWESOME!!!
But I’m so glad you are still here cranking out the strips.
I thought about doing a graphic novel- still want to- but I need to find the story first. In the meantime, working on strips is manageable and fulfills an artistic need.
So glad you are back! YAY!!!!

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