I beat final fantasy xii

Today’s comic is an oldie! Just like the video game I FINALLY BEAT. Let me step you through a timeline.

  1. 2003- I graduate from highschool, just a young buck totally addicted to final fantasy videogames. FFvii through x provided my highschool with overly dramatic meaning.
  2. FFxii had been releasing concept art and teasers in gaming magazines and through the internet for YEARS. I HOTLY ANTICIPATED this game.
  3. 2006- they release FFxii… and I immediately hate it. Why? Because it’s released for the ps2 near the end of the ps2 lifecycle… the graphics couldn’t do justice to the concept art. The game play was very different from the previous games, AAAAAND- the load times were horrendous!
  4. After a few months of trying to play it, I gave up, disappointed, sure the game sucked.

Then they re-release it in North america with an HD upgrade, and I think about maybe trying it out again. THEN they re-release the HD upgrade on the SWITCH, making it portable, and i know I gotta give it a go.


So i didn’t draw a comic today because I wanted to beat this game. And I did! Easily, at level 60, with no great strategy and no killer side-quest-required weapons.

In my opinion, a RPG with a killer story and no requirement to grind = LOVE IT.