*RPG victory fanfare*

Yes, may the world know and celebrate the following: I, Robert Shauf, fixed a kitchen sink without consulting a YouTube tutorial or asking the bearded guy at Home Depot for advice. Using nothing but my raw wit (and the instructions that came with the Repair kit) I did something that was previously only something plumbers and wizards (and people who had previously fixed a sink) had done: I fixed a sink.
To be fair, the hardest part of fixing the sink was removing the old facet, because all the parts on it that can be replaced are not the parts that were broken on it, and because the underside of it looked quite a bit different from the new one I bought (which, by fluke, was the exact same style and brand, just 20 years newer). I only managed to leak a few litres of water everywhere. My daughter thought it was funny.

in any case, this is the second relatively simple plumbing fix I’ve gotten to do in the last month or so. I feel like I’ll have to do a few more in the next few months, all of our faucets are dying and breaking at the same rate.

a few more fixes around the house and I can be one of those guys that goes to Home Depot and makes small talk with other guys that go to Home Depot to make small talk!