The mariokart paradox

My family got me mariokart for my birthday! Woot woot. Mariokart is one of the essential Nintendo games you gotta have on every system Nintendo releases, alongside whatever 2d Mario games they make, whatever 3D Mario games they make, all the zeldas, and the smash bro’s. If you’re lucky, there’s a star fox and an animal crossing in the mix as well. Some would argue for Mario party, but (and I can’t stress this enough) those people are wrong about most things and shouldn’t be trusted. They may even be criminals.

anyways, I love that mariokart on the switch has “auto steer” and “auto accelerate” for the kids who are just learning, so even if they are terrible (which they are, because they just learned how to walk in the last 4 years) they can still play and have fun.

I’ve loved, and played, every iteration of Mario kart there is (to be fair- I haven’t played the mobile one, but I’m sure it’s fine). This means I’m pretty good, which means when I get a power up that isn’t a banana or a green shell, it’s cause for celebration!