“Love is blind” *wretches*

This show is hot garbage. I’ve got some notes that could spice it up a bit.

  1. They aren’t allowed to leave the show until they’ve picked a spouse (If they try to leave, they’re fugitives with a death sentence)
  2. it’s a mad rush to get the good spouses, So they would need to throw some obviously ugly personalities in there (who would have ugly faces too)
  3. also, they’re not allowed to get divorced (nick lachey would kill them at some point in the future)
  4. also, the contestants are selected randomly from a cross-section of the general public
  5. also, one person would be a death row inmate fighting for their freedom (which one is it? what did they do? Sub-plot!)

for real though, it’s a train wreck. Nick lachey is in it for a total of three minutes. It’s so contrived, it has no soul.