Go Go Weekly Oct 31 2021!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! I’m not really planning on doing any costumes or anything, but I am really fascinated by this Japanese costume trend of dressing up as somewhat obscure every-day people… I saw one that was “person who drank a hot cup of coffee on a cold day” and the costume was fogged glasses and a paper cup of coffee! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT!

I made a comic this last week- it only works if you read it from start to finish and it’s too long for Instagram (although it’s not a long read) so it’s posted here for your reading enjoyment!

HAHAHA! Well, I think it’s funny anyways!

If you like this comic, would you do me a favour? Spread this blog link around to your friends! And some day, when we see eachother in person, you can pick up a copy of this mini-comic for mere DOLLARS! Probably $2. And then give it to your friend as a gift! MWAHAHA!

Thanks for reading- see ‘yall next week!