Go Go Weekly: Nov 7th, 2021

This week we’re drawing HEDGEHOGS! What fun, what fun. I feel like it won’t be long before I start repeating video topics- I love drawing cartoon and video game characters and I’d love to take a crack at sonic again in the future. So much fun!

Other than that, I’ve started making some more HEROIC comic strips! Here they are!

It’s fun making these. Having the reader be one of the characters is something that I really enjoyed with the 8-page heroic mini-comic I posted last week and I think I’ll keep it up in these daily strips too! To keep up the illusion that the reader is a character standing in the room with the other characters, I intentionally don’t change the camera angle (unless it makes sense to, aka, you the character are moving position). It’s strange, making a comic but not changing the camera angle- that’s like one of my favourite things to do when I draw a comic strip.

Other than that, what did I get up to creatively this week? I made a mini-comic collection of all the “Jeremy loves Amanda” comic strips (about 25 pages worth all-in-all) and I also did some experimenting with 2.5D animation in Blender. I’m getting better at it, check it out:

I have a practical reason for wanting to learn 2.5D animation- I think it would be a useful way to do infographic videos, especially if I’m trying to demonstrate a concept where it’s useful to visualize more than one dimension simultaneously (without having to actually learn how to do proper 3d animation). Also, it’s just fun to do walk-throughs of a drawing! Oh, how I wish I could animate a 2.5D video game starring my drawings set in the HEROIC universe! I think it’d be so fun!