Go Go Weekly: Sept 11th, 2022

Ahh! It feels so good to make a new format of these here videos! My teacher friend Clayton gave me some great feedback on how he uses these videos in the classroom and how I might make them more classroom friendly, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction! If you’re a teacher who uses these, reach out and let me know! It’s really a passion project for me, making these videos, so I’m happy to try and improve them!

This was the first full week of school and university and everything. We’re starting to settle into a solid routine, and I managed to find some time to make some comics!

From time to time, I have the strongest urge to make a comic, but nothing funny that’s happened in my life worth noting in a comic. It’s seriously the largest downfall of doing semi-auto-bio comics, and it’s why so many cartoonist old timers say “Don’t do auto-bio, at best it makes you a lazy writer, and at worst it makes you live your life to find a punchline”. Whether or not you agree with that nameless botched quote, I think it is possible to use it as a writing crutch. Anyways that’s why I still make these fun space-chuck strips… There is a problem though- unless you’re familiar with the broader space-chuck lore, they don’t make a lot of sense! Which makes me want to write a bigger story and just pick away at it slowly over time whenever I get that urge.

It’s no secret that what I miss the most about living in BC is the absolute abundance of delicious and cheap Japanese and Chinese restaurants (From Yakisoba to DanDan, we’re talking hand pulled noodles, Szechwan pepper, pickled cabbage, dang son!). Saskatoon has a TON of good Vietnamese places, but I’m still on the hunt for solid (non-vermicelli-rice-bowl) noodles that are CHEAP! I’ve found a ton of places whose recipes consist of SALT and SALT, maybe some tamarind if you’re lucky… Or that think “spicy” just means “Add more spice” and care nothing for what it ends up tasting like? To be fair to this new city I call home: I’ve found good EXPENSIVE places, but I need my under-$10-fix, you know? Maybe it’s just not possible. But I know one thing for sure: The university food court is not the answer.

Who knew that out of all the big life changes of the last three months, parking would be the insurmountably annoying obstacle that would nearly derail me? I have a parking spot! This is really good news, and I’m really thankful. Once the winter comes and the snow piles up and the parking spots diminish, it’s nice knowing that I have a spot that’s bought and paid for… Although it’s a chilly 1.7 km to where my classes are. To be fair though, it’s probably only 0.5km to where I can start walking indoors through the crazy maze that is the uSask tunnels and catwalks and whatever to wind from building to building without having to be outside. Again- just thankful to have a spot.

Other than that, I didn’t get around to making that many comics! But in a week as busy as this one, I guess three ain’t too shabby. It is a good time making videos again!

See yah next week!