GoGo Weekly: Oct 8th, 2022

Ah, bats! bats are so cute. And creepy. And rabid! We’re taking a crack at drawing bats, natures fuzzy little dragons. Drawing bat wings is so much fun and pretty easy once you understand the sort of basic anatomy concepts. You can add bat wings to everything! Here is me as a cartoon character with bat wings:

Anyways it was a fun video to make, and a HUGE thanks to my daughter for teaching how to draw a cute cartoony bat for the easy mode!

Here are the comics I made this week:

This is one of those comics that is true and unmodified, and I think it serves to make a point: With a little re-writing, it could have been a lot funnier and a little more clear. Alternative last panels which would have worked better would be: walking back the other way, saying “wrong library”. or a fart. or it doesn’t matter. the point is this: writing loose auto-bio comics has a bunch of pitfalls, all of which are starting to really annoy me as a writer. So maybe that’s why the rest of the comics this week are all just using characters.
Yes! The return of the hero! I’ve been playing through skyrim again. Watching “house of Dragons” and “Rings of Power” makes me wanna go kill some dragons, you know? I don’t really actually PLAY skyrim, I more just wander around it looking for dungeons to kill everything in. Once in a while, I’ll do a quest, and find it’s easy because I’ve already cleared that dungeon of baddies. Anyways, it’s a good time.
Video game logic will never make sense. I mean, you gotta get the player throwing knives and lock picks SOMEHOW, but why would they be in the carcass of a tiny bunny?
Costco at thanksgiving is no joke! Everybody was complaining, which is insanely ironic, considering the holiday. But i mean, it’s the best pumpkin pie around, and it’s $6.99 CAD, so what you gonna do? NOT buy a pie? Nobody wants that.

Welp! This last week was pretty busy with papers due and whatnot- it looks like it’ll only get busier over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for reading! See ‘yall next week.