It’s Halloween! So why not draw some Jack-O-Lanterns!? I was surprised that we haven’t covered this one already in the past. I’m sure at some point I will re-visit old subjects.

Either than the art video, I made some more heroic comic strips. People seem to like ‘em well enough, and I really like making them. Little hero dude is so fun to draw plus whenever I play video games it’s ‘research’ haha. Check ‘em out:

Huh! I thought I for sure made more than 3 comic strips this week. Odd. I guess that, in my prime comic making time, I DID assemble a couch- one of those “comfy” sectional couches that comes in 9 boxes and you put together each little section one at a time. If you ever wanna buy a sectional but you have a weird stair case that doesn’t allow for large furniture, I highly recommend it! It IS comfy. So it’s aptly named.

ALRIGHT! Here’s an archive dive of something real old and real weird! For a while I was trying to do a more manga style, and I thought I had a way to do it. So I made a weird little comic about a brother and a sister. Here it is!

What a strange little jaunt that was! Haha.

Thanks so much for reading my comics and for reading this update! See you next week!