GoGo Weekly: DRAGONS

This week’s LET’S DRAW is a fun one! DRAGONS! Easy mode is TROGDOR the BURNINATOR from internet fame, which ironically took me like 10 tries to get it looking close to right, Medium mode is Charizard from Pokemon fame, and Hard mode is a generic dragon from Skyrim which was a lot of fun to draw. Draw a dragon and send it to me ( and I’ll put it in next week’s video! Also, here’s the short version of the dragon Timelapse:

This was a bit of a “fall-into-a-video-making-hole” week for me. I finished a big group project video (which I’m proud of, lots of animation and stuff, but I can’t post here) and it was so much fun that, one day during lunch, I decided on a whim to make this:

It’s been fun seeing people’s reactions to it- for the most part, people are like “Here’s MY variation on how to make itchiban awesome” and they all sound great! Hahaha. I actually really love editing YouTube style videos together… it combines a bunch of different random skills I’ve accumulated.

I also made a bunch of comics this week! Here they are:

That’s a lot of what I got up to this week, creatively speaking! Other endeavours included watching season one of Sailor Moon with my daughter, writing a bunch of papers, and recycling a bunch of cardboard. Pretty standard week.

Thanks for reading everybody! See you next week.