Musky Twit

I can’t fault the billionaires
Who, having lost all touch with reality long ago
Desired to form something of reality in their own image
And ended up making something shitty, worse
Took a tumour and give it more cancer

            It’s to be expected
            Entropy and App updates
            Wanting what you can’t have

By the metrics of the modern man
They’re as close to god as the system allows
The systems they’ve championed and refined
A machine that lifts them ever-higher
Maths of ifs/thens driving mindless engagement

            It makes them feel alive
            These measurements that matter to them
            They can sell it all if they need to

Vast resources, valuable time
An accurately inflated sense of self
Their magnum opus
Eight-dollar check marks
Premature terminations
The cackling smile of a spoiled brat
The end of a very specific world
Blue birds and short songs and
                     independent artists
                             content creators  (hurl)
                                          poor people

I can’t fault water for being wet
A heart can only multiply what already fills it
Shit and Money


This poem was written in the fall of 2022 for my creative writing class. I wonder what it’s about? hah.