GoGo Weekly: Wizards!

This week, we’re drawing WIZARDS! This was a fun one. I gave up on pastels (for now, anyways!) and I’m pretty happy with how the hard mode turned out. If you don’t wanna watch the whole thing, but DO wanna see how my rad Gandalf came together, check it out:

I can’t remember if I shared this one last week, so I’ll put it here too:

I only have one final exam left, which means my mind is in pure “make cool stuff” mode! And I’ve been making a lot of comics this week. Here they are:

To date, this “Skree” comic is the most popular (english language) comic I’ve posted, having been put on over half a million screens (according to Reddit’s analytics), which is pretty cool. There are a few of my comics that have been translated into Portuguese by somebody, and I’m pretty sure those get more views, but I have no way of seeing those analytics, so I wouldn’t know. It’s pretty cool to know that, somewhere in Brazil, for a fraction of a second, a comic that I created made somebody laugh.

I had originally planned a different panel for the last frame of the deer comic, and I’ll post it here:

I sketched it, ink’d it, coloured it, and thought, nah… It was sorta fun to draw, but it’s not funny. It’s just sort of gross. It doesn’t punch. So, instead, I went with the one that is actually on the comic. I think a venison booth is a funny way to end the comic. I think “ethically sourced” is really funny, when it is clear that our hero just murdered a hospitable magic deer. Reactions were mixed- some thought it was funny, some thought it’s sociopathic. One of my favourite scenes in the sitcom “community” is where Jeff Winger names a pencil, breaks the pencil, and everyone feels sad, because (he argues) we (for better or for worse) have the capability to personify and read meaning into anything. So, I hope you find that comic funny- if you don’t, well, just remember: it’s only a comic. No sociopathy involved here at all. Well, maybe the hero has sociopathic tendencies. Don’t all heroes?

If I have time in the next few weeks, I really want to make a video on the concept of “persona” in writing/art/etc. It’s something that can be confusing, especially in the context of an (occasional) journal comic like mine. I won’t wreck that future project by half-explaining what that will be about now, but stay tuned!

Anyways! Five comics in a week! I can’t remember the last time I had the TIME to do that. It’s fun when it happens though! Thanks so much for reading my comics and this blog! See you next time.