Nothing says space opera epic like droids/Alien creatures/cgi main characters farting for no reason at awkward moments. It really lends to a situation’s gravitas.

Obviously. What a ridiculous question!

My youngest dropped this gem while I was dropping the oldest off at school. Entertaining to say the least!


I am pretty terrible at making Jack-O-Lanterns, but I am really good at eating pumpkin pie! Especially if it is in the form of the ever-elusive Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen. I say ever elusive because it exists, unadvertised, for a period of about a week, starting sometime in the fall. It’s their best blizzard by far, they should just make it all year round.

Anyways, if you’re Canadian, happy thanksgiving weekend! If you’re from not Canada, have a great weekend that may or may not be a holiday! 😉

Seize the day

I did wake up early! Well, early for me. 5:30. And I do have a ton of energy! Or rather, it’s 10am and I feel like i’m as awake as I would be around three in the afternoon. I feel like around 5pm, I’m gonna be ready for bed. Haha! True potential indeed.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that everything can be a metaphor if you try hard enough and have an unlimited amount of time to make the connection. Similes are easier.

Existential dread

Big thanks to my brother for the help on getting this one sorted out!

Of course, the reason I’m not freaked out by black holes and rogue asteroids is because of this fact, which I learned from Star Trek: The enterprise will always swoop in just in time. “But Rob, the enterprise isn’t real” I hear you saying, “You’re living in a world of science fantasy! Join us in science reality, won’t you?” Well, to be honest, I guess I have just enough little problems occupying my mind that I don’t have time to worry about cosmic cataclysm.

In other news, cataclysm is BY FAR my favourite word.

Pizza pizza!

Seriously good. I haven’t really eaten cheese in months, and I have (so far) managed to stay away from it, but the other day without thinking I polished off the last few pieces of pizza from my daughter’s supper and OH MAN DO I MISS CHEESE. And then there’s charcuterie! I mean, what am I even doing with my life?!