I have three observations, none of them having to do with the comic!

  1. The easiest way for me to tell the passing of days (Because they all sorta blend together when a lot of your weekends are spent working) is by noticing two things… the number at the end of the comics (this one is 14 in my new page management file, which means it was 2 weeks ago that I got sick of how slow my iPad was running and started a new page management file, which is madness because I’m pretty sure I made that new file yesterday) and the second way is seeing people that I’ve “snoozed” on social media for 30 days pop back up in my news feed.
  2. i’m getting pretty quick at figuring out how old people are when their obituary Only states their birth year, and this made me feel like a math genius until I realized it’s just because it’s easy to do in 2020 for obvious reasons
  3. The third thought is probably the best of the three thoughts. I’ve written it down on a piece of paper in front of me and I you can take my word for it, it’s pretty great.

The magic is fading

Alright. Let me start this by saying: if you read this comic, thank you! Thank you thank you thank you. I make it because I like reading comics, and I like making comics, and I like when people read the stuff I make. The medium of comic strips is an artistic conversation I feel like I can contribute too. Knowing that people read these and enjoy them is important to me, not for the sake of vanity but rather because it feels like their purpose is fulfilled (the comic strips purpose, that is). Music is written and recorded to be listened too and enjoyed- I make comics to be read and to give people a laugh.

Alright, let the rant commence.

Actually, this comic fairly adequately and concisely expresses my feelings on the matter. If you aren’t a fan of lord of the rings movies, let me just say: the magic is draining from this world, who needs dragons when people are worse.

It’s s winter wonderland

Winter in the Fraser valley! It’s a bit… uh, moody.

big thanks to my friend rick who, after hearing of my t&t woes last week with my having driven to buy noodles that were out of stock, made it a point to Messsage me the next time he stopped at t&t and picked my noodles up for me. There are noodles in the world again!!!

Straight to the top

There’s a brand of margarine called “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” Somebody thought that up. It’s annoying ad campaign from the 90’s is still in my brain, just vague details- people looking straight into the camera saying, “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” And it’s smart, because the word that sticks in your brain is butter, and they figured out how to get the word “butter” on a product that isn’t actually butter, and I hate it so much because somewhere in the 90’s or 80’s or whenever they made it up, someone was very satisfied that they came up with this idea. Ugh!

Before posting this, I showed it to my brother, who Had some pretty good perspective. He wrote “you’ve never cleaned up after your family” and, well, that’s true enough. I tend to be the mess maker, but I did spend most of the weekend I was free cleaning up my garage which, while being mostly my mess, made some room so the girls could move some of their mess to the garage, so I mean, I guess it all evens out.

Comic nostalgia

The other night at a cloudscape meeting, we had to introduce and say what our first original character was. The only one I could think of was my high school (and maybe even into college) comic project, a terrible comic called “end of the day” which a buddy of mine made a website for. Arcangelos and isis (the Egyptian goddess, not the Islamic state) were actual character names. I hope those comics are lost forever.

back then, Penny arcade guys were my heroes, and I was reading old webcomics like “10k commotion,” “fallen,” and… I wanna say, slackers? Oh, and megatokyo.
anyways, I remembered today that I had some re-occurring characters that I’d make comic strips about from elementary school through to now, and so I guess they would actually be my first original characters.

It was easy to peel

Instead of “space fighter” think “rob’s car” and you’ll get a more accurate picture. But sometimes it’s more fun to draw space fighters!