madison avenue, here i come

I’ve been watching  a lot of documentaries lately, getting myself up to speed on a number of issues that people are dealing with and I feel i need to be informed on… and one thing i’ve noticed is an incredible over-use of arrival or pseudo-archival footage to add weight to a point.  What I mean is this:  A talking head will introduce a concept, the film will cut to archival footage that makes common knowledge seem stupid and make this new concept seem logical (or it will be some sixties-looking cartoon making fun of what is commonly believed), and then the film will cut back to the person staring at the camera and really hammering the point home.  I think this is counter productive… it’s like trying to win an argument with a funny macro or meme.  It may be entertaining, but it doesn’t help me form an opinion, it just makes me feel manipulated.

Maybe some day i’ll make a documentary and i’ll do the same thing.  Anyways, Jello, woo!