the grass is always greener…

2013-9-17When I was younger, video games were more than a hobby for me…  They were a shared social experience with friends and strangers.  Launch days were events.  I would meet people standing in line, waiting for the electronics department of super store to open.  I once bought Golden Eye for a friend who lived in a different city, because the game was perpetually sold out in their city.
Multiplayer tournaments took place in semi-shady used game stores, the prizes were in-store credit.
We played games, single player and multi player, sitting on the same couch with our friends.  On the rare occasion we played single player games alone, this was just the process of harvesting future conversation grain.
I think, having just participated in a “Day-one digital download!”, I feel very sad!  SURPRISINGLY sad.  For me, video gaming isn’t really about hanging out with my friends, or meeting new people, or social competition, or waking up early to drive to the store and hoping that the people remembered to stock the shelves and the million other weird things that gamers had to do to get by…  It’s about laziness and comfort and entitlement?  or it feels that way, and I don’t really like it.
Maybe i’m just bothered that there is no such thing as scarcity anymore.  You want something?  it’s yours.  Do we lose something when we constantly get what we want?  I think so.