Cool logo, good colour scheme

My daughter declared tonight that she wants to design tshirts like me, which I suppose is technically true because I have designed T-shirts in the past, but it struck me as funny that she considers me to be a designer of tshirts. Anyways, she’s learning how to draw digitally, which is tons of fun because it just happens to be my favourite way to draw! Here are my top ten reasons for drawing digitally.

  1. It’s expensive upfront. Buying a good tablet, the software, etc, it’s not cheap.. but that’s the only real expense. With physical medium, you’re always buying paper, markers, it’s friggin financial death by a thousand cuts! And if you get into oil painting, it isn’t long before you’ve spent a thousand bucks anyways.
  2. my entire art studio fits nicely in a backpack. Seriously, 5 years ago, a half-as-equipped drawing set up took up a whole desk, but the era of Accessible digital art is here!! Especially now that the base iPad has pencil support.
  3. undo- you don’t have to get it right the first time and wreck 9 hours of painting because you sneezed and splattered ink on everywhere
  4. pinch zoom- so you can add details easily
  5. vector erase- why waste time carefully erasing line art when a vector layer makes quick work of it?
  6. Vector scalability- because if I want to print a panel that’s meant to be 2 inches tall the size of the Empire State Building and still have crisp lines, I should be able to!
  7. No scanning- if I want to share something on social media, it’s e a s y
  8. lettering is easy when you can just type it onto the picture… although cool comic kids prefer hand lettering, but I mean, my hand writing sucks.
  9. you can save stuff in different states.
  10. layers! Seriously!